Project Description


Mukah is a small coastal town located in the Mukah Division in the central region of Sarawak. Mukah is different from other towns/cities in Sarawak, as the population is predominantly the Melanaus, hence the nickname The Melanau Heartland. Mukah is an ancient trading and fishing port, situated at the mouth of the Mukah River adjacent to the South China Sea. Mukah is the centre of Melanau culture, and the Kaul Festival, celebrated by the local fishermen in April to appease the spirits of the sea, is one of the major events of the Melanau calendar. Mukah hinterland was traditionally a major sago producing area. Mukah town even has statues of Ikan Merah (Red Snapper) and Udang (Prawn) that reflect the importance of the fishery industry to the town and the division as a whole.